The Depiction of Blackness

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coming soon! 
An awakening to the events of the Battle of Lewisham that took place in the streets of New Cross in 1977.
The film intends to emphasise past and present opinions of being black and living in the UK.
The work combines documentary practice with performative and representational overlay alongside yam sculptures.
I am intent on creating a contemporary exploration of black British culture.
Which, draws upon the historical and sociological aspects of westernisation, as well as the observations and experiences I have had whilst growing up and living in South East London.
I hope to hold an anniversary and reenactment event in Fordham park, New Cross and march up Clifton rise along the path the march took and holt just before New Cross station similarly to the event.
I will capture the event on film and uses this as the main body to sculpt the story around.
The film will be screened on the 22nd of August -the anniversary date that the battle took place on.
The dates and the logistics of the event are still to be confirmed! ( Ideal dates April 8th and 22nd April).
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