Through the Windrush : u feel like yam.

‘Through the Windrush: u feel like yam.’ is centred around cultural identification and ethnicity.
The piece intends to use ‘yam’ as a metaphor to refer to Black British history, namely the Windrush generation. The work also uses language alongside imagery in order to portray its narrative.
The yam is presented in a personified manner intending to be seen as a symbol, as well as a reflection of a group of people and a foreign object to some.
Yam Sculptures : materials yam, wooden poles, sand, bucket, wooden plinth,  Dimensions:  Left  80cm (height) Right 215cm  (height)
Film Duration : 3:03 
A powerful use of language and imagery provides an in depth analysis of cultural identification.
The piece was then later shown at the Horse Hospital, London as part of a group show, consisting of 27 other artists. Please see External Exhibitions tab for more information.


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