Walk aside the Appropriation

Walk aside the Appropriation, intends to address questions that surround cultural appropriation and the difference between that and cultural appreciation. It also highlights everyday rituals and traditions.
The piece is a collaboration of sculpture , poetry and performance alongside a painted backdrop created by Gina Berry.



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‘Walk aside the the Appropriation’, March 2016, Performance, Paint and Sculpture, (Dimensions of sculptures: 57cm, 66cm , 72cm , ) 
Materials:  yam, wooden poles, acrylic sheets,  copper piping, chip board plinths 


Performance duration 5:13


The performance element documents five subjects as they walk aimlessly around the yam sculptures at the sound of me chopping yam.
The piece is inspired by  the work of Adrian Piper and Rashid Johnson as well as the lyrics of UK rapper and activist, Akala.
The work was first shown at the Rising Sun Art Centre, Reading and later at the Quadrant Arcade,Romford, London. Please see external exhibitions tab for more information.










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